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So, is it a CV or resume? Well, did you know that a CV isn’t the same as a resume? Did you think it was just a different name? Well, turns out you may not be in the minority as many people assume that the only difference is the name due to where you are applying for jobs. Resumes are seen by many as an American version of the English jobseekers preference, the CV (Curriculum Vitae). Highlighted below is the truth about how the two differ and there do’s and don’ts.

The CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Curriculum Vitae is of Latin origin and translates to mean ‘course of life’, which essentially sums up what a CV is. A CV is a chronological, detailed document containing extensive information about your achievements in work, education and other relevant awards. CV’s do generally stay the same for all jobs you apply for as they are facts about you and your history.

The Resume

A resume is a more succinct document no longer than a page. The aim of a resume is to make yourself sound good for a particular position and should change for each job you apply for so it suits the role. Resumes do not need to be chronological or cover all of your history but should highlight the skills and necessary for the job.

Generally, the UK, Europe and New Zealand seem to favour the CV, whereas America and Canada find the resume more to their liking. Although, some countries do use either one or the other to submit to prospective employers, some use the two interchangeably depending on the type of job they are applying for. If applying for jobs overseas, it may be a good idea to check which platform the country or employer prefer.

Holly Hereford | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 13 February 2013

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