by Paul Murphy | 13 November 2012

Things to Consider putting in your CV to make it STAND OUT!!!

When applying for that dream job it can be a little daunting knowing any other hopefuls have applied for the same position. Standing out from the crowd can prove difficult when all you can provide is 2 A4 pages about YOU. Following recent research, employers will spend on average 8 – 12 seconds looking at any one CV, which means catching their eye and leaving a lasting impression is crucial in the application process. Here we look into various things that could potentially help to make your CV stand out.



This will always be at the very top of your CV and it is the first thing employers will see. You want your name to be remembered when employers begin to refer back to potential candidates. Consider making it a positive bright colour or use a different font from the rest of the text.


Many job seekers do not consider a photo to be an essential part of CV when applying for jobs, nor do many employers to a certain extent. However, following recent research adding a photo could potentially swing an employer’s decision in their search for finding the right candidates for an interview. Of course, an appropriate photo is key. The majority of jobs will probably not appreciate a recent clubbing photo following a wild night with your friends, or a glamorous model like shoot from last summer’s holiday in the Costa Del Sol. A simple friendly head-shot with a polite smile will suffice.


We now live in a world where image is everything. A traditional black and white CV will probably not stand out from the rest; you could potentially consider creating a decorative border that may reflect your skills and personality. Something attractive and eye catching, drawing the reader into your CV can prove effective. Creating a small border around the most vital sections of your CV can also prove beneficial.


It is essential for your CV to be punchy so employers can see vital information and your skills quickly. Avoid long paragraphs of writing about your key skills and achievements. Short bullet point headings of each skills and achievement will get the message across more clearly.



Try and keep your CV personal, about you, information that reflects your personality. Try to avoid common terms in key skills and achievements like ‘good team player’ and ‘hard working’. Similarly in ‘personal interests’, everyone socializes with friends to some extent and everyone likes films. Consider putting other hobbies, skills and interests you may have that will stand out and attract an employer, giving them a better insight into your character.



Now your CV is attractive and punchy with all those key skills and achievements in bullet points, why not think about adding links on your CV that will show employers proof of your working and skills? Links to your personal blog or website can be very beneficial in supporting your skills and achievements. If your CV is 2 A4 pages full, then consider putting this information in a covering letter.

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