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Top Interview Questions

Preparing yourself for the interview often means going through questions that you may be asked. However, it is essential to remember that you will also need to ask questions. An interview is not just one sided; it is a mutual exploration. Therefore you will need to think of questions that the interviewer will need to answer. Depending on the sector and the industry of the job, the questions could vary.

What are the prospects of growth, progression and advancement? By asking this question, it will show that you are eager to climb the career ladder and it will also show that you are ambitious and determined. It will also highlight your interest in the opportunities that the company has to offer.

Or alternatively you can ask; How does one advance in the company?

Who does this position report to? If I am offered this position, can I meet him/her? This question shows your interest and your understanding of the hierarchy of the company, and your willingness to work in a team.

What type of training opportunities might the company offer? This question shows your determination to improve your skills and abilities, and to add further value to the company.

How would you describe a typical week/day in this position? This will show that you want to find out more about the challenges that you may face, and that you would prepare yourself for it.

What makes this company start apart from competition? By asking this question, you will be getting an insight of the strength of the company and the amount of hard work they put in.

How many other people work in the team and what are their job roles? This question highlights your interest in the work others do, and it shows your appreciation of teamwork.

What way is performance measured and reviewed? This question shows that you will deliver the best results, and that you appreciate commitment and hard work.

Or alternatively you can ask; How does the company recognize or award outstanding work?

Can you describe your ideal employee for this position? Here you are signaling a real interest in the way you would conduct yourself while working for their company.

Are there anymore questions you would like to ask me? This is an important question to ask towards the end of the interview, as it will show the interviewer that you are prepared to answer anything else, and it will also the interviewer another chance to review some of your answers.


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