Candidate Search Help

Key word search

When you type your Key words you have 4 options for them to be interpreted

1. If you leave the tick box All ticked, your search will return only the candidate CVs containing all these key words. Eg: project engineer, will return all the CVs containing both of these words (but not necessarily one next to the other).

2. If you tick the box Any, your search will return the candidate CVs containing any of your key words. Eg. Surveyor QS, will return CVs containing only Surveyor, the ones containing only QS, and those containing both of these words.

3. Exact Phrase will return the candidate CVs containing your key words in the exact way you entered them Eg. Project Manager, will return the CVs containing Project Manager but not the ones only containing Project Management.

4. For the Boolean search, please see the Paragraph below

Boolean Search Tips

Example: Marketing AND Design

Using this operator will return only the results with both the words Marketing AND design in either the title or the description.


Example: Marketing OR Design

Using this operator will return results that contain either Marketing OR design in the title or the description.

Example: Marketing AND NOT design

Using the word AND NOT will return those results that contain the word marketing but will exclude those that contain the word design.

( )

Example: (Marketing OR telecoms) AND design

Utilising parentheses allows you to separate subsets of keyword. The search will return here the candidate CVs containing the key words Marketing with Design or the word telecoms with design or both the words telecoms and marketing with design.

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