5 Tips to Get Your Social Media Career Ready

The five tips you need to start your social media career!

Making a good first impression used to be about wearing clean shoes, making eye contact and a good handshake. But whilst this still places a part, it seems employers are now making their first impression long before your interview. So how can someone make their mind up without even meeting you? Well according to a recent study by Jobvite, 66% of employers are using Facebook to check you out prior to an interview and 54% are taking a look at your tweets.

To make sure you’re giving off the right impression, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you get your Facebook and Twitter in tip top shape:

1.Privatise Your Profile

This step is potentially the most important. By making your profile private you can keep everyone who you haven’t listed as a friend away from your personal information. With a recent study revealing that 58% of social media users don’t apply any privacy settings to their social media at all, it may be worth checking out this safety guide on how to apply them to Facebook and Twitter.

2.Don’t Discuss Work Online

Nobody wants an employee that is very vocal on social media, about what should be kept behind closed doors. Every business requires a certain amount of privacy in order to stay competitive and keep clients/customers happy. If they notice that you post regular updates about your last job, they may steer clear as a security measure.

3.Watch What You Say

Reputation is very important for companies, therefore they won’t want anyone who will bring their reputation down. If a recruiter sees you posting controversial updates and very unorthodox views that don’t fit in with their image, it may make them question if you’re right for the company. This goes for arguing online with friends and posting verbally aggressive posts.

4.Hide Controversy

You don’t always have control of what friends tag you in or post on your wall, so you need to make sure you have measures in place that don’t allow them to taint your reputation. One preventative measure is to adjust your settings so that you review content before it is posted on your wall, and if you don’t have this set, hide or delete inappropriate posts as soon as you see them.

5.Monitor Your Circle

There are billions of people on social media and many of them are looking for new online friends and connections, and they may ask you to be one of them. What you may not know is that some have bad reputations. This makes it wise to not blindly accept friend requests, and keep an eye on who you’re associating with.

As long as you stay aware of what you’re posting every day and ensure you’re not being too controversial, you should be able to continue as normal. But if instead you want to maximise your chances, follow these five steps and use social media as a platform to let your employers, and your friends, see the best aspects of you.

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