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 Strike Jobs On Target For Maximum Impact

 Recruitment Industry entrepreneur Suzie Tobias has been running her ‘traditional’ London based Recruitment Company for what she describes as “a number of years” but unlike many in her peer group she believed that there was much more to online recruitment than offering just a company centric job board. After a period of research and development she came up with the concept and the structure for Strike- a site that has been developed in conjunction with Zero One Design, the specialist job board site builders.

 Suzie says the premise for Strike-Jobs. was to combine her recruitment experience in a platform that included multi job postings. “We decided to develop an online job-board with a unique approach to integrate non-disabled with disabled Global Applicants. We wanted to remove the stigmas. There is a real lack of education and information for such jobseekers and our 2 minute simple approach to registration along with our easy functionality and easy access is what is required in our stressful and complicated lives.”

 What persuaded and led Suzie to focus in this area? “The pool of talented disabled people is not a small one. There are over seven million people or 18% of the working age population that fit our criteria. Sadly around half of the working age disabled population is out of work. This is a terrible waste of talent and potential productivity; hopefully we will be able to address this issue by lifting the taboo on employing a disabled person. Disabled Candidates sign up and fill out a Declaration which is their window into telling the Client what they can and can’t do right from the off so there are no surprises at interview and often after interview rejection. Once signed up the CV is fully integrated into the pool of Applicants found by the Client looking for Employees” She said.


 The site also concentrates on areas where candidates can get advice. A dedicated resource centre gives access to help and advice, from CV tips through to training courses and help at interview. 

 Just 2 months into the sites launch is having a major impact on the marketplace, Clients such as The Equalities and Diversity Forum, Evenbreak, Association of Disabled Professionals, Norwood Ravenswood and The Institute of Recruiters are all partnering the new service. They are

 the tip of the iceberg as employers and recruitment companies are also positing vacancies and using the sites CV Database to search for candidates. It’s the non- discrimination of the disabled Candidates that’s the key to Strike Jobs as Suzie explains, “If a company is looking for a Candidate they can easily find a suitable person whether the Candidate is or is not disabled. We feel there is no need for the two to be separated. Neither the jobseekers nor the employers have to go to separate sites and super simple functionality ensures that everyone benefits from the site.”

 Recruitment companies can also benefit from a special offer that Strike Jobs is running. For the month of September/October/November all vacancies can be posted “free of charge” with no on-going costs or automatic sign up contract. 

 3 months into the project and the site is not only gaining traction but it is already attracting the attention of the media. The Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards have shortlisted Suzie as a finalist in the “Design and Marketing Entrepreneur Of The Year category” and the site has been featured in both the local and national press. She has also been asked to speak at the Apprenticeships England Conference on the 17th October about promoting Apprenticeships within Corporate and Public Sector organisations.

 It’s been a busy year already for Suzie as she explains “ Opening the site has taken 5 months to design and build and during that time we have all had to learn about the psychology of the Digital Marketplace, interaction on line and back-end functionality with pictures and sound for audience participation, very welcoming, easy video CV upload, simple and fast registration to take out the frustration factor and to eliminate unnecessary over-wordiness of the other Job Boards on the market. We have made the front end of the site extremely user friendly, but beyond the shop window the cogs are turning, much like a swan and its legs.”

 Check out for yourself and make an impact too.



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