Top Jobs for Summer

The summer is the perfect time for job seekers to earn extra money or experience. It’s never too early to start looking for summer jobs. During the summer the amount of temporary jobs and jobs for students increases. There are so many opportunities to work and earn money. Here is our guide to the best summer jobs: 

1.       Ice cream server:

This is possibly the ultimate summer job!

We all know how beautiful England is when the sun is shining and it seems that everyone takes the beach for our favourite treat, ice cream! Whether you live by the sea or not there are ice cream trucks and huts all over the place.

Most of these places advertise in their shop window, but don’t be afraid to pop along with a CV and ask whether they need any help.  

Imagine how much fun it could be serving ice cream all day long, you might even get a few freebies! Mines a 99, thanks.


2.       Barista/coffee shop:

Both the large chain coffee shops and your local independent café are keen to employ students over the summer.

Some require that you apply online, but many still advertise in shop, or not at all. It’s a case of getting yourself out there and asking!

A job as a barista will give you a lot of customer service experience and as there are plenty of jobs in this sector you should be able to find a job pretty easily.

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