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Does Social Media Really Work?
Having spent three years testing every social media portal, we have come to some very fascinating conclusions about how the psychology of the modern human really works.
We started with unique and interesting online content, from “you tube” clips to hand written pieces about world economies and political rants. This caused some interest but not really the huge social engagement we were looking for. The specific audience did respond to these but it was ...
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January's Top Sectors On
A short info-graphic on the number of jobs being advertised on
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Strike-Jobs Press Release 2013
A nice graphic about Strike-Jobs two years ago look at how much we have grown!
Have a look at our past press release it's always a good to see how far Strike has come
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Check Out What Our Candidates Have To Say About Us
A copy of the Strike-Jobs testimonials from our candidates
Please have a look at the grpahic below to see how we have helped candidates search for jobs! Have a look through out vacancies here
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RecBrunch Conference - In Conjunction With Fujitsu UK
              Strike-Jobs Announces Recbrunch   Come and Join Strike-Jobs at its first annual brunch conference on Monday 1st June. The company is hosting a morning of speakers, coffee, networking & brunch at the ...
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LinkedIn’s Top Networking Tips for Women
Women have been fighting for equal rights for many years and to celebrate their success, and in honour of International Woman’s Day on March 8th, LinkedIn have released some networking tips for women around the globe. It is important for women to feel empowered in the world of ...
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7 Networking Tips That'll Make A Big Difference To Your Career
Suzie Tobias has been one the best connected women on Linked in
We spoke to LinkedIn's best-connected women: Sweaty palms, shaking hands, a sudden desire to run home and hide under the duvet – the idea of networking and making professional small talk with people you don’t know can be an unsettling concept, to say the least. And women suffer ...
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Third of the UK plan to move jobs in 2015
More than a third of UK workers plan to change job in 2015 - here are eight reasons why Tweet Share Share Share SHARES316 by Catherine Neilan 5 January 2015 10:02am [Working nine to five] Working nine to five: Are you looking to change your job? (Source: Getty) Thinking ...
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Top Recruitment Titles 2014
My favourite Recruitment titles of 2014, Which one are you? “Director of People” “Human Resources Manager” “Hirer Recruiter” “Talent Delivery Specialist” “Global Resource Manager” “Talent ...
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Ebola Crisis
BY STRIKE-JOBS.CO.UK The Current Crisis in West Africa With the ebola crisis in West Africa continuing to worsen, charity groups such as Doctors Without Borders have been pushed towards breaking point with resources being stretched thin. Currently the virus has taken over ...
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