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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your CV
First impressions are everything.
When a potential employer scans through your CV, even the simplest of mistakes can result in it meeting an untimely end by the office shredder. A recent survey found that just one grammatical or spelling error is enough to scupper your chances entirely. But aside from avid proofreading, there are ...
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5 Tips to Get Your Social Media Career Ready
The five tips you need to start your social media career!
Making a good first impression used to be about wearing clean shoes, making eye contact and a good handshake. But whilst this still places a part, it seems employers are now making their first impression long before your interview. So how can someone make their mind up without even meeting you? ...
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Job Seekers: Here are 7 Things to Do and Avoid Doing on Social Media
Some advice on how to use your social media platform to portray yourself well as a job seeker!
Yes, we’ve have all heard about the risky business of using social networking sites flippantly, especially whilst applying for jobs online; in this day and age, it is almost certain that your employer will give your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages at least a fleeting browse when ...
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Five ways the general election will affect employment
                    The general election took place on 7th May, leading to an unexpected Conservative majority. The protracted speculation about a potential hung parliament was in vain, and the post-election tussles predicted between various ...
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Fictional jobs we wish were real
These top fictional jobs have all crossed our minds at some point.
Let’s be honest now, there are plenty of people who wish they had more exciting jobs. How many of you have read a book or watched a film where you thought “I wish that was real, I would like to do that”? We can all dream, right?   Ghostbuster: Want to be in an ...
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Christmas Temp Jobs
Search for Christmas temp jobs. Find out the Top 5 Christmas temp jobs in the UK in 2013. Royal Mail Christmas jobs, Amazon Christmas jobs, Tesco and Sainsbury's Christmas jobs, J D Wetherspoon Christmas jobs, and office Christmas jobs.
The moment the days get shorter, the air gets crisper and darker, we find ourselves dragging out cosy knitwear and thinking about the Christmas countdown. Presents, parties, food and - how to pay for it all? A temporary job could help to ease the pressure over the Christmas season and it ...
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Top 5 Summer Jobs
by Nathalie Lot | 31 July 2013
Summer is here, you have experienced the longest heatwave anyone can remember but you’re running out of cash to keep going out with your friends. Well, Strike is here to help you out with the top five summer jobs that will look amazing on your CV.   5. Retail Jobs The great ...
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Top 5 – Ways To Stand Out In Your New Job Search
Job Search and Career Search Advice
1 – Social Media Networking Social Media doesn’t have to be all about keeping in touch with friends and uploading photos of your recent adventures. Social Media can prove a fantastic tool for networking with like-minded individuals who may work in a similar field or be part of an ...
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Top 5 - Reasons For Writing Down All Your Ideas, Dreams and Goals
CV advice and Tips | Writing Your Down All your Ideas, Dreams and Goals
  Think about your life in the very near future Think about ALL the things you want to achieve What does it look and feel like? Everyone has thoughts about all the things they would love to achieve in their life; the things they want, where they want to be, and what ...
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Top 5 – Amazing Offices
Best Office and Work Places to work. Best Work environment
The offices that would make you LOVE Monday Mornings! What features would make an office amazing? What would increase your working creativity? Many large organisations in recent years have decided to scrap the typical corporate office for a far more exciting and fun working environment. ...
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