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That Friday Feeling
As a recruiter how does it feel on a Friday... generally a feeling of "phew the week is done" and then "good week, bad week, what have I achieved", "did I make any money!" You should think, "I got through it and I'm still smiling" :) Sales and ...
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Do you really want a career in Recruitment?
Working in Recruitment is a very different ball game in 2016
Do you really want a career in Recruitment ? Do you really want to be a Recruitment Consultant in 2016? “More Technical Wiz and online knowhow than Sales ability and confidence ! “ “The Ups and the Downs”   The world of Recruitment hasn’t just ...
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A Day in the Life: Senior Menswear Buyer at Ted Baker
We go behind the scenes at fashion brand Ted Baker to discover what the day-to-day role of a Senior Menswear Buyer entails, and advise those who are interested in following a similar career path.
We go behind the scenes at fashion brand Ted Baker to discover what the day-to-day role of a Senior Menswear Buyer entails, and advise those who are interested in following a similar career path. Tell us a little about what the role of a buyer at Ted Baker - what are your main ...
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Interview with Tai Lawrence – Beauty Business Success Story
Tai Lawrence is a female entrepreneur, who started her own beauty business, Brock Beauty, after spotting a gap in the market and offers for healthy hair techniques. Founded 10 years ago, the company now includes several brands which are all selling worldwide.
Hi Tai, tell us a bit about what did you do prior to starting your own business and what made you want to become an entrepreneur. I had a plan to go to college, get a job, work for 5 years and start my own business. I have both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Electrical ...
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Interview with Lizzy, Buyer for Urban Outfitters Home Department
Lizzy a buyer from Urban Outfitters Home Department gives us some insight about what it's like working within the company and what to expect in a buyer position!
Hi Lizzy, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Urban Outfitters? I started as a Buying Assistant (BA) at Urban Outfitters five and a half years ago and I am currently working as a Buyer in the home department. I started looking after the books category and now I oversee the ...
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Finding Your Work-Life Balance
An article with advice one how to make sure you get the correct Work - Life balance in your career
Finally getting breaking through into the world of business can be an exciting time. You’re thrust into a world of networking, high profile projects and opportunities to gain great experience. It can be tempting to take on all you can handle, but also very easy for you to lose sight on when ...
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An interview with Rob Bennett, Senior Commercial Analysis and Planning Manager
Rob Bennett provides us with how he started in his role at Viking, day to day work, his education background and skills needed to become a Senior Commercial Analysis and Planning Manager
Viking Direct is a global retailer of office equipment, offering great opportunities for people who want to be involved in an international company with lots of room for progression across the world. We recently interviewed Rob Bennett and he tells us how he become a Senior Manager in the ...
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How to be positive in the workplace!
Ever wondered how to keep a healthy, upbeat attitude in the office? We share some of our thoughts below!
You are locked between the four walls which you call the office. The sun is shining through the window and you just wish to be outside and be free like a child. However, you know that it can’t happen today because you have a huge pile of documents waiting for you. You are trying to convince ...
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Glassdoor Highest Rated Companies For Work/life Balance (UK)
  Today we announced the Highest Rated Companies for Work/life Balance based on feedback from UK employees. The top employer is Euromonitor International, followed by the Bank of England and then MediaMath. While these three organisations are very different in terms of ...
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50% employees afraid to pick up the phone
Performing in any role is important – and making sure that you do the best job possible is not only vital to succeeding in the company but also increasing your pay-check and reputation.
Young people rely on e-mail over using the phone in an office environment Businesses can effectively lose money from bad performing employees, and something that is flagged up frequently is younger people’s reliance on e-mail rather than picking up the phone in the work place. In a ...
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