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Bar Manager Job Description

Typically when one imagines being a bar manager, knocking back shots, endless happy hours, dealing with trouble makers tends to spring to mind. This is a somewhat idealistic view of bar managing, although the reality involves a vibrant, fast paced environment this is also accompanied with a great deal of responsibility, long hours, managing transient staff and thus requires you being incredibly resilient in order to successfully handled this high pressured job.

Bar management daily tasks/responsibilities;

Bar management responsibilities consist predominantly of managing the cash flow, therefore it’s vital that you are trust worthy, cash duties will range from calculating cash ins (the amount of money at the end of the night), maintaining the level of stock, to dealing with theft amongst your own staff. As you can imagine dealing with a high volume of cash is tempting, thus it’s essential you keep your eye out for any suspicious behavior (although in most bars they will have CCTV surveillance). Moreover enforcing health and safety rules, taking legal responsibility for the premises and recruiting, training and motivating staff are all key responsibilities of the job.

Bar Manager Job Pros;

Salaries vary from £22k-£30k, in addition to the minimum salary you will also be offered generous perks such as a live out allowance, which ranges from 5k-9k depending on your location, bonus schemes where you can earn up to 50% of your basic salary depending on the profit of your pub/bar, pension schemes, and private medical insurance after a qualifying period.

Bar Manager Job Cons;

The downsides of bar management as previously mentioned are the long hours, as you can imagine its not a 9-5 to job, it involves you staying on your feet for extended periods of time, all the while maintaining a smile on your face as delivering excellent customer service is a must in bar management.

Bar Manager Necessary Skills and Qualifications;

So if your still up for the challenge even after reading bar management 101, then here are the necessary skills you will need to acquire.

  • Effective communication skills,
  • Numeracy skills when dealing with payments,
  • An outgoing personality,
  • The ability to remember extensive orders,
  • Patience when dealing with demanding intoxicated customers,
  • Some experience of customer service would also be helpful

You may also be able to take a college course to learn some of the skills and knowledge needed in this job, which could help you to find work in the industry. Courses include:

  • Level 1 Award in Introduction to Employment in the Hospitality Industry
  • Level 1 Award in Food and Beverage Services
  • Level 2 Certificate in General Food and Beverage Service.

So what do you think? Is this the job for you? Are you energetic, confident when under pressure and attracted to the fast paced lifestyle? Then what are you waiting for, start applying. 

Iqra Khan | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 08.10.2013

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