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Barista Job Description

For a lot of us coffee is an integral part of our daily routine, in the morning, on our lunch breaks whether it’s a half-caff skinny latte without whipped cream, or a venti that we order we just expect that our order will be fulfilled. The person who actually fulfils the order behind the counter and makes you your cup of coffee is called a barista.

The term barista is gaining increasing recognition in English, and it's already recorded in the Macmillan English Dictionary.The recognition of this new term is largely due to the popularity of coffee bars like Starbucks and Costa. The fact that coffee has become more fashionable in Britain has also promoted more general recognition of coffee terminology.                        

The word barista originated from Italy, where it’s defined as a bartender, abarista in the UK is more specifically defined as someone who prepares espresso based coffee drinks with a high level of skill. The machines used in coffeehouses or coffee bars are different to the ones used at home (requiring immense skill and training) to machines that are "super-automatic," requiring no more than the loading of whole beans and the push of a button.

Job duties and tasks for Barista’s

1)     Making multiple drinks simultaneously

2)     Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment

3)     Regulating the temperatures of freezers, refrigerators, or heating equipment to ensure proper functioning.

4)     Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them, providing information with product details such as coffee blend.

5)     Order, receive, or stock supplies or retail products.

6)     Receive and process customer payments.

Barista Skills and qualifications

1)     Multitasking

2)     Able to work under intense pressure

3)     Exceptional customer service skills

4)     Excellent listening skills

5)     Team work

While it is possible for barista’s to acquire their job skills by attending barista training courses, they are usually taught on the job from longstanding employees. A college degree isn’t mandatory however if you aspire to pursue management in the future then you should consider completing a course on hospitality or business management.

Barista Salary

Baristas are usually paid on an hourly basis. Average hourly pay is £6.30. Additionally, they also receive tips from customers.

Things to look forward to with this job:
  • Whenever you’re tired from work, free coffee is right there to revive you.
  • The instant job gratification when your customers take the first sip of a job well done.
  • There’s no such thing as appropriate work attire… as long as you wear your apron.
  • You can get creative when experimenting with new types of drinks
Things to consider with this job:
  • Have to be perky during those dreaded early mornings
  • Clumsiness and barista’s don’t go hand in hand; you don’t want to make a mess while you have a queue of customers waiting for you to take their order.
  • Patience is vital, you will get indecisive customers who will change their order 5 times, you’ll feel like banging your head on the wall, but you have to remain calm and collected.

So although difficult, indecisive customers and early mornings are a bit of a downer, the fun you can have bantering with your work colleagues and expressing your creativity with new styles of foam lattes surpasses any negative aspects of this job. So if you think you have what it takes to be a barista then what are you waiting for, start applying.

Iqra Khan | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 08.10.2013

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