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Chef Job Description

Having the experience of working in a restaurant myself I am very familiar with what the role of a chef entails, let me tell you it’s incredibly hard work, however if you’re passionate about food and cooking, have a flair with ingredients and are able to stay calm when the pressure mounts, then this could be the perfect job for you. Being successful in this role depends largely on patience, endurance and a good measure of skill. To get to the top requires experience, stamina and creativity, but can be achieved with dedication.

Summary of the role:

There are several types of chefs; they include Commis Chef, Section Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de partie, Head Chef and Executive Head Chef. The role varies from hotel and general restaurant chefs to the renowned specialist chef, whose reputation is such that customers regard it as a privilege to eat in his restaurant. Most chefs will have trained at a vocational training college and worked their way up from a basic level, gaining further certification as they progress

Day-to-day tasks include:

  • Orders of food stock appropriate to sales levels and not over ordered
  • Stock rotation is followed and all store rooms/ fridges and freezers are in order
  • Ensuring good hygiene and health and safety at all times
  • Arranging daily menus according to the availability of ingredients and sourcing the fresh ingredients at good prices
  • Preparing the daily dishes along with the rest of the team
  • Making sure that food is served promptly
  • Training, inspiring & motivating the team to achieve food to specification and therefore achieve sales and profits
  • Dealing with poor performance through informal reprimands and where necessary the company disciplinary procedure

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

Long hours are an essential part of the job, as are stressful busy periods, especially in the evenings, thus the role is very physically enduring as you will also have to work under hot conditions. Chefs are also known as the “maitre de cuisine” and are in charge of a brigade of chefs and other staff such as waiters and washers, therefore a great deal of responsibility rests on their shoulders. Work hours are demanding, chefs can start very early and be the last ones to leave. As the holidays and public holidays are their most hectic times, they are expected to work then too. The pressure is really on in this job, so you’ve got to make sure you don’t burn out before you hit the big time.

Perks of the role

The UK average is £23,138-£25,549, but you can earn more, a chef in a pub restaurant can expect earnings of £30,000 per annum, with salaries rising to the heights for the top talents. There is a great deal of respect attached to the role; this is a responsible, creative job where you can really flex your talents. You can expect banter and friendship although you will, more than likely, be shouted at on a daily basis as tension rises in the kitchen when the chefs get hot and stressed!

Necessary skills and qualifications

• Strong leadership skills to motivate your chefs

• Time management

• Being assertive

• A keen interest in food and cooking

• Being creative and progressive

• Effective communication skills

• Teamwork and team management

• Multitasking

• Organization and administration

• Food preparation and presentation

• Managing budgets

• Stress management

You may not need any academic qualifications to start work as a trainee (commis) chef, although some employers will prefer you to have a good general standard of education, possibly including hospitality or catering qualifications. These can be achieved by taking training courses which include:

  • Level 1 Diploma in Introduction to Professional Cookery
  • Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Professional Cookery - Food Preparation and Cooking)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Professional Patisserie and Confectionery
  • Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery.

A Sous chef however may be required to gain a certificate to demonstrate food safety and sanitation which will include a written and practical exam. 

So if you have first rate culinary skills or have the passion to acquire such skills why not apply for this job. The perks certainly outweigh the nitty gritty aspects to this role; although the hours may be long, there’s great potential for a rewarding salary and is particularly worthwhile when you have a swarming restaurant full of excited customers eager to eat your food.

Iqra Khan | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 08.10.2013

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