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Find the Future of Job Boards. Upside and downside of job boards and recruitment. Is job boards are still feasible investment and can still jobseekers find jobs via job boards?

Future of Job Boards

What is the future of the job board and online recruitment?

Today, job boards are so integrated into the internet that we tend to forget what a recent invention they are. Job listings started to appear on Usenet from 1990, with Monster launching in 1994, and it was only in the mid-nineties – less than ten years ago – that major newspapers in the US came together to form a conglomerate of classifieds online. Today, however, 3 sales jobs are searched for every minute on (source: HITC Business). We are living in the digital age, and the internet has expanded our search for jobs in ways we could never have predicted two decades ago. The expansion seems to be happening in two key areas – job boards and social media. But is this expansion a novelty? If so, how long can this novelty last? And is there only room for one of these phenomena in the future?

Some would argue that job boards haven’t adapted to meet a changing market and will perish within years due to targeting only those who are actively seeking work. Before the internet was harnessed, job searching was essentially limited to classifieds in newspapers and job centres. Counterintuitively, this method reaches those who are looking for jobs and those who aren’t. You need only to imagine an advertisement in The Metro; all it takes is a casual glance at the ad to become aware of its existence, and this would be done hundreds of times a day by readers of that newspaper, whether they had any intention of searching or not. Job boards, these people argue, by their nature, serve a single function and are sought after to fulfil that function becoming redundant after.

With the rise of social media some have also started to argue that social recruiting is a threat to the existence of job boards. However, while visits to social networking sites have continued to climb, there has been no conforming wane in traffic to job board websites. For example, the past three months for has seen a 210% increase in visitors. There are currently 20,000 applicants on the Strike Jobs website, with up to 6,000 clicks per day. Also, no social network has an advanced search to match that of job boards. LinkedIn offers the most comprehensive search out of all the social media sites, but still doesn’t carry in terms of precision. Job boards have the advantage of making CVs searchable via databases.

Another aspect of social media that some might say compromises job boards is that recruiting via social networking sites allows companies to spread brand awareness, in turn increasing the desire for potential employees to work at that company. However, there is just as much opportunity to brand a company when contacting people found through job boards, and spreading the awareness through them. A few years ago, it was frequently seen that job boards should borrow some aspects from social media in order to survive, advice which has been taken on board; Strike Jobs itself is an example of a job board that has started to develop its social media presence as a means of spreading brand awareness, perhaps contributing to that 210% increase in visitors.

So more and more employers are using social media in their recruitment process – that much is clear. But this doesn’t imply a decline in the use of jobs boards, and there doesn’t seem to be any data to support that claim. It is unlikely that the job board will disappear. Perhaps a more accurate evaluation would be that with some simple evolutions, such as adapting to suit the market by implementing things like social media, the job board has a future ahead of it. And some job boards have already started doing this. We are still in the aftermath of the social media boom, but the future looks bright for the job board.

Iqra Khan | Strike- Jobs Journalist | 4/12/13

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