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Not sure which career path you want to go down? Don’t worry! People do change their minds along the way until they find the perfect career. During university and work experience, no matter which course or job, you will gain skills that are transferable to your future.

To demonstrate this, we spoke to Rosie and Suzanna who both work as Offline Campaign Managers at bonprix. They have kindly shared their previous experiences leading up to the job title they currently have. 

How did you get into the role and why?

Rosie - I had four years’ experience working in a couple of marketing roles. I was lucky enough to get a taste of both B2C and B2B companies’ communications. Through that experience I figured out exactly what my interests and strengths were and what type of environment I wanted to work in. This realisation led me to the role that I am in now and I couldn’t be happier.


Did you go to university and what kind of impact did it have on your career?

Suzanna - Attending University was invaluable to me in terms of transferable skills, such as teamwork, organising and presenting thoughts and ideas, working creatively, gaining experience in project management and so on. It also helped me to become a better writer, which has served me well as a journalist and copywriter.


What kind of work experience did you undertake in the past?

Rosie - Before gaining full-time marketing positions after university, I was lucky enough to have had jobs from the age of 16: waitressing, bar work, retail, promotions and stewarding.

Suzanna - I mostly did admin work, then writing for news agencies and newspapers to get a foot in the door.


What’s the best thing about working in fashion?

Rosie - I have a personal interest in the industry. Being able to see how the business works and taking part in activities that all links to a subject that genuinely appeals to me is a real bonus and something that provides job satisfaction.  

Suzanna - The fashion industry is a very open culture of ideas and I love the sample sales!


What would you look for in a potential employee?

Rosie - A potential employee needs to be passionate about the position, have clear eagerness to learn and show enthusiasm. If they don’t have any direct experience in the industry I look for transferable skills, such as being hardworking and articulate.

Suzanna – Show the ability to see the bigger picture, think creatively and respect what other people do.


If you could go back in time, what advice would you tell your younger self?

Suzanna - Read up on marketing and PR and get some work experience, as the industry is expanding, evolving and becoming increasingly important to our economy.  

Rosie and Suzanna’s examples show that no two people working in the same job role walk the same career path. If you find out that the career path you first chose isn’t for you, don’t panic, there is more than one way to land your dream job.  

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