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Many businesses are now opting to use a telephone interview to screen potential candidates before offering face-to-face interviews. The popularity of a telephone interview is growing because companies can save a lot of time and interview more applicants for the position.

A telephone interview can be very daunting for candidates for various reasons. Some find it difficult to express themselves to the same extent as this type of interview procedure eliminates body language making it more difficult to tell what the employer is thinking in response to your answers.

Many job seekers have been known to take a telephone interview less seriously; however it is your initial opportunity to shine and gain a face-to-face interview. It’s important to take advantage of a telephone interview, for example it’s an opportunity where you can have your CV, notes and any other relevant documents to hand something that is generally not possible in a face-to-face interview.

If you’re having trouble thinking about an up and coming telephone interview, take the time to read our guide on how to produce a successful telephone interview.

Be Well Prepared - Treat a telephone interview like a face-to-face interview, research the company and the job role before the interview takes place. Make sure you know the time of the interview and be ready with your phone at least 10 minutes before the interview time. Take notes on any question you may wish to ask the interviewee at the end of the interview.

Find The Perfect Location – This is crucial when aiming to deliver a strong and clear telephone interview, find somewhere comfortable and quiet with minimal background noise.

Have Important Documents At The Ready – This is one key advantage over a face-to-face interview; you can have your documents to hand. Ensure your CV is in front of you, along with any notes you think will be valuable during the interview.

Keep It Real – Don’t approach a telephone interview as an excuse to stay in bed or sit back on a recliner. It’s important to make the experience as realistic to a face-to-face interview as possible. Be, showered, dressed and ready.

Smile – Although body language is effectively eliminated in a telephone interview, the person on the other end of the line can sense if you are smiling. A smile will sustain a more positive conversation and reflect enthusiasm for the job role.

Paul Murphy | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 16 January 2013

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