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Trainee Domestic Heating Engineer Job Description, core objectives, salary for trainee domestic heating engineer, requirements, career opportunities, main task and duties

Core Objectives: 

Provide support and assistance to one or more skilled domestic heating engineers.

General work involves assisting the domestic heating engineer including site preparation and clearance and maintaining general site tidiness.

Performing tasks such as assisting in installations, inspections, diagnosing problems/faults/leaks, testing, repair and maintenance of domestic heating systems.

Assist with storage, lifting, fetching supplies, unload and check deliveries and undertaking tasks to assist a Domestic Heating Engineer generally. This is a trainee position and you will be provided with regular training.

Main Tasks/Duties and Responsibilities:

-         Receive regular training as and when agreed in a training programme, to understand and learn the trade

-         Assisting with identifying hazards, defects and the need for adjustment or repair; to ensure compliance with agreed codes, law, working practises and health and safety

Immediately report problems that may impact on the organisation and/or its clients or which you think may affect health and safety


Your usual hours will be from 8am to 4pm. However you will be expected to work as and when is necessary to meet the needs of the team and your targets

Essential abilities/Competencies of this job role:

-         Good practical skills

-         The ability to follow technical drawings, building plans and other instructions

-         A safe and methodical approach to work

-         The ability to take accurate measurements

-         A head for heights and willingness to work in all sorts of weather

-         To be comfortable with working in confined spaces

-         Good written and spoken communication skills

-         Good team working skills

-         To adapt quickly to changing situations

-         Good problem-solving skills

-         A presentable and pleasant manner.

You need to have achieved the qualifications

Your employer would give you on-the-job training and you may get the opportunity to work towards industry qualifications, such as:

-         Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Heating and Ventilating - Ductwork Installation

-         Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma in Planned and Reactive Maintenance on Heating and Ventilating Equipment

-         Level 3 Diploma in Building Services Engineering for Technicians

Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Heating and Ventilating Industrial and Commercial Installation.


Trainees can expect to earn from around £10,500 to £15,000 a year. A newly-qualified installer may earn between £17,000 and £22,000.

Experienced engineers could earn from £23,000 to £32,000 a year.

Some employers may pay more through bonuses and overtime pay. There are also national set rates that will cover your travelling time, travel expenses and accommodation costs.

Iqra Khan | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 12.12.2013

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