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Tips to Advertise a Job Online

How to advertise a job on line... 

Where can I advertise my job?
Although you can advertise your jobs in print (magazines, newspaper classifieds, etc.), advertising online is probably your best bet, as we live in such a technical-oriented world. It’s pretty simple and fairly quick, so good news! To help you get started we can give you a description for online job advertising.

How to advertise a job online?
My employer wants to advertise a job online – how should I go about creating posts for my online jobs? The first step is to search through the online world of job boards, and find which site is your best match, based on how many jobs you have to post, and for how long you would want them available to search. There are certain sites that work only with specific sectors and ones that are more generalized and advertise job vacancies online across all divisions. You can post your job online, and differentiate it based on how people will search normally search for jobs – by salary, location, and type of job. The lovely internet makes it possible to advertise all sorts of jobs – you can even advertise part time jobs online as well – this is not just for full-time positions.

How much does it cost - can I advertise jobs online for free?
Unfortunately there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the same goes with posting your jobs online. Some sites can cost as much as £750 per job listing! However, if you do research on online job boards, you can find that there are plenty that can offer you a great price for job board advertising, as well as guaranteeing access to a wide pool of highly qualified applicants. offers great service and cost effectiveness, and to help drive our point home, we offer every single new client a 30 Day FREE trial of unlimited job postings. Since we are an international job board, these postings will be seen in 75 countries, and we operate in 45 different sectors, so no matter what job you are looking to hire for, we have a place for it! And having hit 1 million visitors in a mere 14 months of being open, you can be well assured that your postings will be connected to a wide audience of more than enough qualified applicants. I’m going on Strike – are you?

Why use Job Boards?

An easy and effective job search tool, that makes finding your ideal Applicant easy to source.

Applicants search online jobs in the UK and overseas all over the internet - find a job they would like and apply directly to your inbox. 

We have all tried to find a job one way or another, the internet is the obvious route. Internet Applications have grown year on year and is now a major part of every companies recruitment process.

The Job Board marketplace is growing at a rate of 7.5% per year… Why?

  1. It’s a simple and easy way to advertise your vacancy so that it filters out to the global marketplace even when you are sleeping.
  2. While you are sleeping candidates are applying to your job posting from all over the world.
  3. An extremely cost effective way of finding talent for your company in comparison to one to one search and select.
  4. With the ‘Keyword’ search function at the back end of the site, it automatically selects suitable candidates with the skills and expertise you need for your vacancy.
  5. Our Video CV function allows you to look at a prospective candidate to see if they fit your company’s environment and to see if they have the personality to fit the bill.
  6. Our CV database search allows you to scroll through candidates and see exactly what you are looking for.
  7. Candidates find job boards easy to use and to upload their CVs, especially on our site as it only takes 3 minutes to do. So to summarise: budget busting, video CV, friendly, simple functionality, general, global and disabled integrated.

Why not take a look 


Probaby the fastest growing job board in 2015 - We are not just in the UK, we are based in over 75 countries and growing daily.

"Strike offered me free use of the Job Board for a month and full upload of jobs. My company is on page 1 of Google "international recruitment agency" and I was sceptical but decided to give it a go. 2 Weeks in I would say they are the "best job board" we currently use and  have produced some excellent candidates for tricky high level jobs. Customer service is absolutely First Class. When did you last get a call from the MD of another job board offering to send targeted emails to generate Candidates for volume positions? Well done Strike, keep the good work up I suspect you are well on the way to winning a New Client and your gain will be the loss of our business to  inefficient, expensive competition who promise much but deliver little." Chris, Global Recruiter. (Guess what ? he took an Annual Contract with us !)


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